Traditional energy service companies are famous for charging customers to tell them what they should do... and then leaving. At Midwest Energy Group, we don't stop at telling you what energy efficiency projects you can pursue. The Identify phase is where we begin, the Design phase is where we innovate, and the Implement phase is where we follow through on our recommendations. 

We have implemented a multitude of energy efficiency projects since 2007. (Read about them on our Success Stories page!) Our ability to execute on project implementation sets us apart from the competition. Our offering is a turn-key approach that allows your company to focus on your business, while we take care of the project. We have established strategic partnerships with contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. Our collective efforts are pursued with one goal in mind: Provide as much value as possible to the customer. 


Setting realistic expectations, timeliness, professionalism, and integrity make up the characteristics that drive our turn-key Implement service.


Our offering encompasses the acquisition of professional labor and high-quality materials. It also encompasses our creativity in helping our customers finance their project. See our financial page for further details.