Innovation, creativity, and savings all lie in the Design of your energy efficiency project. Who are you relying on to Design your energy efficiency project? Have they presented multiple custom options? Have they helped you understand the pros and cons of different options? Have they looked at your building and systems in a holistic manner, or through a narrow lens? 


At Midwest Energy Group, our most progressive service is our ability to design.


We are part of a family of companies that includes a full-service, award-winning mechanical contractor, an award-winning, web-based controls contractor, and an electrical/mechanical engineering firm. We bring a truly unique perspective to our clients' problems by collaborating to design the most holistic and innovative possible solutions.

Our innovative approach to Design sets us apart from the competition. Our engineering team brainstorms with multiple experts from multiple fields to think creatively about our customers' energy efficiency opportunities. 

Our Design service means custom solutions where others sell you what they've always sold. It means creative solutions where others hit a dead end. It means holistic solutions when others address only part of the problem.